Shadowbound Server Merge on Aug 3rd @ 2:00 AM (EDT )

Shadowbound Server Merge on Aug 3rd @ 2:00 AM (EDT )
With our first server launched back in August , the time has come to bring more people together from all over Shadowbound realms. To help create a more fun and exciting gaming environment, a server merge is scheduled to occur on Aug 3rd (6:00 GMT, 14:00 PM GMT+8 on Aug 3rd and 23:00 PM PDT on Aug 2nd )

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US East 
S64 Cinderwood Falls & S67 Monolithic Gardens

S39 Skyfall Desert & S46 Sea of Insanity
S66 Raystone & S69 Seventh Heaven & S71 Murky Palace

US West
S74 Londorwin & S76 Lair of Thanero & S77 Sapphire Order
S79 White Thorn & S83 Tower of Ulfang

The merge is expected to last about 2 - 3 hours. Players may not be able to log in during this time, and we apologize for any and all inconveniences caused by this. However, players may check out the list of server merge events in the meantime! Don’t forget to view the server merge rules here.