Shadowbound Events for 8/4- 8/6 (Part Ⅱ)

Shadowbound Events for 8/4- 8/6 (Part Ⅱ)
1. Cumulative Spending
Duration: 8/4 00:00 - 8/6 23:59 (excludes new servers opened in the past 7 days)
Description: Spend the required amount of Diamonds to get fantastic rewards. Each reward can only be claimed once.
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Diamonds SpentRewardsAmountRewardsAmountRewardsAmountRewardsAmount
1KGold200KEmber Grass8Aid Pill75Flowers99
4KGold350KEmber Grass25Aid Pill240Elemental Particle Pack25
8KGold600KEmber Grass35Aid Pill336Elemental Particle Pack40
15KGold1.2MEmber Grass65Aid Pill600Elemental Particle Pack80
30KGold2.5MEmber Grass160Aid Pill1440Elemental Particle Pack190
60KGold6MEmber Grass340Aid Pill3060Elemental Particle Pack400

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