Shadowbound Events for 2/11 - 2/14 (Celebrate Valentine's Day)

Recharge Extravaganza
Duration: 2/11 00:00 - 2/14 23:59 (Server time, not for new servers)
Description: Recharge the required amounts to receive fantastic rewards. Not available for new servers within the first 7 days.
Click the Hot Events icon to enter.
Recharge DiamondsRewardsAmountRewardsAmountRewardsAmountRewardsAmount
1KGold200KKeystone25Pet Vigor Elixir30Ember Grass15
4KGold350KKeystone80Pet Vigor Elixir100Ember Grass48
8KGold600KKeystone120Pet Vigor Elixir150Ember Grass75
15KGold1.2MKeystone230Pet Vigor Elixir300Ember Grass150
30KGold2.5MKeystone530Pet Vigor Elixir700Ember Grass350
60KGold6MKeystone1.2KPet Vigor Elixir1.6KEmber Grass750

Crazy Prosperi Tree
Duration: 2/11 00:00 - 2/14 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: During the event, shake the Prosperi Tree to receive awesome rewards. 
Click the Prosperi Tree icon to enter.
Rewards: Phoenix Feathers (collect them to craft the Phoenix Wings · Amber or Phoenix Wings · Storm under the Rare section of the Craft panel), Lvl. 8 Gem Pack, Lvl. 7 Gem Pack, etc.

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