Shadowbound Events 6/19 - 6/25 (Part II)

Limited First Recharge
Duration: 6/23 00:00 - 6/25 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Recharge 100 diamonds or more to receive tons of rewards. Not available for new servers within the first 7 days.
Click the Limited First Recharge icon to enter.

1. Returns 10% of Diamonds recharged. The more you recharge, the more you get back!

4. Pet Potion x50

2. 1M Gold

5. Pet Vigor Elixir x30

3. Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1

6. Rare Talisman Shard x10

Daily Consumption
Duration: 6/23 00:00 - 6/25 23:59 (excludes new servers opened in the past 7 days)
Description: Spend the required amount of Diamonds to get fantastic rewards.
Click the Hot Events icon to enter.
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Crazy Egg Smash
Duration: 6/23 00:00 - 6/25 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: During the event, use Gold or Silver Hammers to smash Eggs and be rewarded. Resetting broken eggs consumes Diamonds; the more resets the higher the cost. Reach the daily Devotion requirement to get more Egg Smash attempts. Smashing eggs earns you points which can be swapped for items. Reach the server point requirements to unlock even more swap options!
Click the Crazy Egg Smash icon to enter.
Rewards: Golden Lord Soul Shard, Christmas Reindeer, Soul Upgrade Pill, Gem Pack, etc.

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