Shadowbound – New Update Preview

Guardians! Shadowbound will be releasing its brand new version in the near future. Stay tuned to explore the various new systems!

New Systems
Wings Upgrade
Unlocking at level 41, upgrade various wings to further enhance your attributes!

Powerful Pets
Unlocking at level 45, powerful pets will be available! Form your new team and boost your battle rating!

The mercenary system is where all your mercenaries are gathered. Main attributes will be massively enhanced by each combo of mercenaries. A gift pack will be rewarded for each combo.

Temple Flight
Unlocking at level 45, Temple Flight will earn you awesome rewards. In Temple Flight, there are 9 x 9 cards. Flip the correct card and you’ll be showered with pets, pet skill books and other pet-upgrading items! 

Guild War
Create or join a guild and fight against the various other guilds on your server! The winning guild will receive abundant rewards and gifts.

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