See What's New In the Latest Update

The Mini-client

Upon reaching Lvl. 25, the Mini-client can be found in the main panel. Click it to download. After the download is complete, use the Mini-client to log into the game and claim awesome rewards!

World Bosses now drop more Gold!

Increased rewards for the World Boss event. Raid bosses and earn tons of rewards.

Added view battle function that allows you to watch other players’ battles in certain dungeons.

Now you can watch battle videos in Cloudwinder, Elite Dungeons, 1P Dungeons and MP Dungeons. Click on the “?” button in the upper right corner of these dungeons to watch other players’ battle videos.

Adjusted mount skills.

Enhanced the second mount skill for Mages and first mount skill for Hunters, making them more powerful!

Modified tutorial

A brand new tutorial, a brand new start.

Guild Altar

Deputy can open guild altar!

More events

Online rewards, Prosperi Tree, Romantic Declaration, Pandora's treasure, and some mysterious packs in the shop.

Stay tuned for the upcoming update!