Patch Notes for July 30th

Patch Notes for July 30th
Patch Notes

I. New Badge System

1. Introduction
1)Unlocks at Lvl. 50, click on the "Badge" icon on the main screen to enter.
2)Each mercenary can equip one badge and will receive the badge’s stats.
3)Badges can be obtained through events or exchanged for Badge Shards which can be found in 3v3 and 8V8 Cross-server matches.
4)Stats for each badge are broken down into Base Stats and stats received after refinement, the system will display both the original and refined stats.
a)Each type of badge shares the same kind of stat boost. The bigger the boost, the better the bonus stats given. Badges can be trained to increase the stat boost given and better base stats give better training stats.
b)When refining badges players can choose the stats they wish to keep. Refined stats affect the overall stat bonus given by the badge.
c)Base stats won’t change and bonuses from refined stats can be stacked.

2、Training Badges
1) Consume Merit to upgrade Badge and increase badge’s base stats; Merit can be obtained through 3v3 and 8V8 Cross-server matches.

2) Support Badge‘s appraised stats can be given to the main badge. Refining costs materials and will consume the Support Badge. Refining slots can contain stats of the same type.
For example 6 refine slots could all contain be PATK +500

3) All refine slots can have legendary stats, and badge quality can be upgraded. There are five qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

4). Upgrading a badge also gives stats bonuses. Upgrade stats will be added to the total stats after upgrading the badge.
For example if 6 refine slots are all set to PATK +500, a badge’s PATK may change to 2.5 (others stats will be unchanged) after upgrading. If 6 refine slots are set to HP +2000, badge’s HP may change to 2.5 (other stats will be unchanged) after upgrading. Players can choose the best stats to suit them.

5) Players can refine upgraded badges, but need to be aware that this will also change the overall stat bonus given.
6) Transfer is used to switch two badges’ level, quality and refined stats.
Transfer can be used to quickly give players a big stat boost if the new Badge gives better boosts and has higher Base stats.

3、Other features:
1) Lvl. 50+ players can obtain Merit and Badge Shards via 3v3 and 8V8 Cross-server matches.
2)Surplus Badge(s) can be split to earn Shard(s).
3)Added Badge Rankings to the Leaderboard, and Badge Rankings will be based on BR.
4)Added Merit Seeds to Farm. Harvest Merits to upgrade Badge.