Patch Notes 05/14

Unlocks at Lvl. 45
Click the Farm icon Name:  Farm.jpg
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★ World Tree
Each player has a World Tree in his/her Farm, which can be blessed 10 times per day and generates world tree experience.
The higher the World Tree level, the more players can harvest crops, and the faster crops grow. The Mysterious Dungeon also refreshes faster.

★ Planting
Purchase seeds from the Farm Store and plant them to harvest crops. While crops’ are growing, bugs may attack them or they may require watering, so be sure to regularly kill bugs and water them to ensure they grow quickly.
Note: If a crop ripens while being attacked by a bug, the harvest will be 10% less.

★ Mysterious Dungeon
Click on the challenge button to fight monsters in the Mysterious Dungeon, and win Beast Soul training and upgrade materials. 
Each time you defeat the monster you will use one attempt and a cool down timer will begin. Attempts wont be used if you lose. 
The Mysterious Dungeon will refresh normal, elite, and BOSS level monsters. The higher the difficulty, the greater the rewards!

★ Getting slaves
You can catch up to 3 slaves on the farm of players you have defeated in the Arena. 
Players can exploit slaves to gain EXP as well as Rations from keeping slaves. Slaves can Resist or ask friends to rescue them and set them free.

★ Farmhand
Players can enter a friends’ farm (must be a mutually confirmed friendship) to help water crops, kill bugs, bless the World Tree or steal crops. 
Crops can only be stolen once, and the crops’ yield will be decreased by 10% (one crop can only be stolen by 3 friends maximum).

Beast Soul
Unlocks at Lvl. 45
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● Pets have 5 Beast Souls, each soul gives a different stat bonus.
● The initial Beast Soul level is Lvl. 1 and the quality is common. Upgrade it to full stats to evolve it to a higher quality.
● The higher the Beast Soul level, the higher base stats and bonuses given to mercenaries will be.
● A higher Beast Soul quality means more stats can be refreshed for it and it has a higher level cap.
● All pets share the same Beast Soul.