New in shadowbound 3.0!

Greetings guardians! Let's take a sneak peak at this week's Shadowbound V3 update! Stay tuned on the forum for the update date and more details in the coming days. 

Fight your way to the top! Win or die trying!

Want to test your power in Shadowbound? Keen on finding a worthy opponent beyond the confines of your server? Then try out the brand new Heroic Battle! A 1v1 cross-server tournament which offers a chance for you to show off your power in battle. Sign up between 9/21 0:00 - 9/22 0:00 to join!

See your stats soar with mysterious mercenary cards

The Mercenary Card system unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 25. To enter, click the “Mercenary” icon on the main screen. There are 13 normal card combos, plus 1 hidden combo. Cards can be found in dungeons, the Market and by crafting. Each card has unique stats with bonus combo stats. Extra cards can be split into card shards and used to craft other cards. Upgrading card and combo potentials will yield great stat bonuses!

Even more Guardian features!

The Guardian system has been bolstered with more great features! Upon reaching Lvl. 45, players will be able to access even more skins from which they can choose to change their guardian’s appearance. Additionally, you can also see formation enhancement options for even more ferocious battles.

Daily events with greater surprises!

Participate in Daily events to earn points which can be swapped for rare items in the Daily Shop section of the Shop.

Unique Arena Formation

Added an option in the Arena that allows you to choose a unique arena formation. Changing arena formation won’t make any changes to the formation used in dungeons and other systems.