Guild of the Land

Guardians! The long awaited Guild Wars have finally arrived! Take down your enemies and fight for the honor of your Guild. To celebrate the arrival of the Guild Wars, we will be holding a special event – Guild of the Land. Winners will have a chance to leave a lasting mark on their server!

Servers: S1 – S13

Description: After the August 23rd Guild Wars, the champion guild of each server will get a chance to rename their server! The new name can either be the guild's name or a brand new one. This post will be used to update the new names of the servers once the activity is over.

NoteThe new name must be in accordance with relevant regulations; otherwise, R2 has the right to disqualify the guild from renaming the server.

Event Schedule
August 18th: Registration
August 23rd: Guild Wars
August 24th- 31st: The champion guilds may choose their new server names.
September 1st: R2 changes the server names.

How to Participate
After the Guild Wars on August 23rd, we will update the post with each server’s champion guild. Each of these guild’s guild masters should reply to this thread with the following content:

1. Your guild's current server.
2. Your guild’s name.
3. Your character name.
4. The new name of your server. (If the new server name does not match your guild’s name, you will get a Guild Name Change Card for free.)

Don't forget to remind your guild master about this event and to get them to reply to the post!