​Shadowbound Events for 5/29 - 6/4 (Part II)

Limited First Recharge
Duration: 6/2 00:00 - 6/4 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Recharge 100 diamonds or more to receive tons of rewards. Not available for new servers within the first 7 days.
Click the Limited First Recharge icon to enter.

1. Returns 10% of Diamonds recharged. The more you recharge, the more you get back!

4. Pet Potion x50

2. 1M Gold

5. Pet Vigor Elixir x30

3. Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1

6. Rare Talisman Shard x10

Daily Consumption
Duration: 6/2 00:00 - 6/4 23:59 (excludes new servers opened in the past 7 days)
Description: Spend the required amount diamonds to get fantastic rewards.
Click the Hot Events icon to enter.
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Golden Raffle
Duration: 6/2 00:00 - 6/4 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Draw for a chance to get a reward from the next level. If you draw and get a reward, you can collect it or forgo it and continue drawing. If you get a reward from the rightmost of each level, the reward will automatically be collected and the event will reset back to Lvl. 0.
Click the Golden Raffle icon to enter.
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Rewards: Proud Griffin Shard, Voracious Bunny Shard (collect the required amount to craft a new Mount in the Rare items section of the Craft panel), Soul Upgrade Pill, Pet Skill Pack, Gem Pack, etc.

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