​Server Merge Rules

I. Item transfers:

Player data, items, currency, mail, and task information will be saved and transferred to the new server after the server merge.


II. Server list:

1. Players will continue logging in/recharging as normal through their original server after the server merge.

2. When choosing a server to login to or recharge, players’ operation will have effect on the character in that specific server. For example, by logging into S1 you will see your character in S1, by logging into S2 you will just see your character in S2. With one R2 account you may be able to login to a single merged server with several characters.


III. Accounts:

1. Accounts will not be cleared.

2. Players will receive a notice with a chance to rename their character during their first login after the server merge if their character has the same name as someone else's.


IV. Daily gameplay:


1. Guilds, guild levels, guild funds and guild member tributes will all be reserved.

2. Today’s tribute info for guild members will be reserved.

3. Guild list will be re-ranked.

4. Guild applications will be removed.

5. The guild leader will receive a notice for a chance to rename the guild within the first login after the server merge if his/her guild has the same name as another guild in the server.

6. Guild Shop, Wisdom Tower and Guild Camp level will be reserved.

7. Remaining exchange attempts in guild shop will be reserved.


1. Challenge attempts will be reserved.

2. Ranking will be reset and new ranking will base on login order.

3. Arena rewards will be reserved. 



1. All mail will be reserved. (System mails received between your last login and the server merge will be cleared. Please make sure to login and check your mail before the server merge to avoid any loses.)



Ranking data will be cleared for the following:

1. EXP Ranking

2. Arena Ranking

3. Battle Rating Ranking

4. Fortitude Ranking

5. Cloudwinder Ranking

6. 8V8 Battle Ranking

7. Temple Flight Ranking

8. Pet Ranking

9. Mount Ranking

10. Mercenary Ranking

11. Guild Ranking

12. Flowers Ranking

13. Guild Wars Ranks

14. Cross-server Guild Wars Ranks


Friend info including Friendships will be maintained.

◆Treasure Cove

Unfinished escorts during the server merge will be cleared.

◆Limited Purchase

Limited time purchase data after the server merge will be based on the main server data (if S2 merges into S1, then S1 is considered the main server).

◆Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw works after the server reset; however, data generated before the merge will not remain.

◆Pack Collection

Pack collection info will be reserved after the server merge.

V. Other:

1. Packs, recharge rewards, time limited purchases, and VIP pack data in Hot Events will be reserved after the server merge.

2. Awesome server merge events will be available after the server merge.