​New Shadowbound Version Coming Soon!

In next week's update we will add a new system and some new gameplay to Shadowbound. Read on for a preview now!

New Element System
Unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 60
1. Select mercenary elements in the Formation panel.
2. Challenge the Elemental Tower (two difficulties: Normal and Elite) for element upgrade materials.
3. The higher the level of an element, the higher its elemental damage, and the higher the resistance of its mercenary to this element.
4. Elements do not work against each other.
5. Mercenary elements are only applicable to duels or other single player modes.

Elemental Shields
Unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 60
1. When deployed mercenaries’ Elements meet a Shield’s requirements, the Shield will automatically be activated.
2. Each Shield requires 5 different Elements.
3. The higher the level of the elements, the higher the level of the Shield. Elemental Shields grant bonuses to mercenary stats.

Challenge Elemental Tower
Unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 60
1. The Elemental Tower has 50 floors and can be reset twice daily.
2. Be rewarded with Element upgrade materials for each floor cleared; plus a bonus reward is given every 5 floors.
3. Monsters in the Element Towers have the ability to cause a great amount of elemental damage. 

1. A wedding must be held within 24 hours after successfully finding a marriage partner, otherwise your marriage will automatically be deemed invalid.
2. Players no longer need to wait until their escort requests are accepted when inviting friends to escort treasure. However, treasure escort assistance will no longer be rewarded.
The higher the daily devotion, the more escort attempts (maximum: 3).